Monday, 22 May 2017

Thursley Common

Walk Diary 21st May 2017

13 of us set off on the walk. We were lucky with dry weather and it got warmer as the walk progressed and so we gradually removed layers of clothing.

Parking proved unexpectedly difficult as the Moat pond car park was unexpectedly full as several groups had chosen the same day to walk. There was a group of birders, a young walking group and us and many people out taking advantage of the fine weather.

We set off round the Moat pond and confidently followed a board walk across the marsh until we came out at a beautiful artwork of a dragonfly which was not on our intended walk. Going across this way we did however see numerous lizards basking on the board walk carefully resting at the edges so we would not tread upon them. They were remarkably untroubled by our approaching although a few did take shelter as more and more of us passed by and stooped to examine them. Consulting Johns Sat Nav we worked out the board walk we should have been on and took the path back to the intended walk which brought us to the birders by Pudmore Pond. A little further along brought us to Thor's Stone, a mighty rock jutting out of the marsh all of two feet above the ground.

The path took us across the Heath through Ockley Common across a stream and to Fork Pond where we stopped to admire the lake and sat on three conveniently placed huge logs and had a drink.

Continuing the path we walked along the pond and through a wood coming out to where Hammer Pond should have been visible. In this case the problem was due to the fact that the pond had been drained rather than us going wrong. From here we walked up a valley which gave us a view at the top to the edge of Thursley Common one way and to Box Hill the other. At one time this had been part of the London to Portsmouth Road.

A little further on we came to the Old Portsmouth Road and took a path across a field where we had a fine view of a deer grazing. We walked on around Thursley Church and resisted the call of the Three Horseshoes pub which was 150 metres off our path. Paths then took us back across heathland and a very sandy path to the Moat.

We arrived back in three groups as two Hobbys proved of overwhelming interest to the bird watchers amongst us but we all did get back safely.

A very varied walk. If you have the walk book The walks near Godalming it is number 15. Do walk it. It is beautiful and the best of luck with finding your way through the board walks.

Our thanks to Keith for an interesting and varied walk, and also for the detailed walk report!!

A Hobby In Flight

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