Saturday, 30 April 2016

Spanish Walks From Port Du Soller.

Well, I'm sure you will be pleased to hear we had a very pleasant holiday in Mallorca. The weather was kind, with mostly sunny days and good walking temperatures, around 20 deg C. The facilities and food at the Hotel were up to the usual H.F. standard, and many of the buffet style meals had a distinct Spanish and local Mallorcan flavour.

The mountains and scenery were spectacular, with heights up to 3,600 feet to be climbed, and also descended back down to sea level.  Fortunately we started half way up on that climb, and the view from the top of that mountain was splendid, but the descent, down a route called "The Pilgrim Steps", contained at least 1800 steps, and nearly finished me off! Luckily the next day was our day off, and we went for a tram/train ride to Palma, and a gentle stroll around.

The terrain was in many ways similar to the previous trip to Parcent on the Spanish mainland 3 years ago. The local rock was limestone again, and the hillsides had been terraced everywhere you looked. There was an extensive network of trails linking the pretty local villages together, routed around the remote terraces.  However, some of the tracks were quite rough, with some steep drop-offs to add a touch of excitement. We had views of the sea at least some of the time, but if not, we had ancient gnarly olive trees to look at, punctuated by the sound of sheep dressed with cow bells.

Here a few pictures, to give a bit more flavour:-

Lunch at the top of L'Offre (3600 ft), before the descent down the Pilgrim Steps.
The Pilgrim Steps, and Tony, beside a stream, currently dry.
Looking down over a least four zigs and zags of track on The Pilgrim Steps! 
Looking down over the bay at Deia, where they filmed some scenes in a restaurant for The Night Manager.
A brief rest for some of the SWSW gang.

A view of part of the track on  excellent walk along the coast, without too much up or down!

A sunny morning, strolling around Port Du Soller.

A view over the bay at Port Du Soller.

A typical view in one of the many villages we passed through.  All were tidy and neat, with a variety of bars and restaurants for passing travellers.