Tuesday, 30 August 2016

SWSW Barbeque at Bookham

 Walk Diary for 7th August, and barbeque after.

The day started cloudy when 12 of us headed for the hills just south of Bookham. Very quickly the sun broke through to give us a very pleasant and warm day. So warm that some folk were grateful that a good part of the walk was through the shade of Norbury Park woods. The route took us past Crabtree Cottages, down the hill towards the Stepping Stones pub (which was bypassed this time) and returning via the wood mill opposite Norbury Park House. Two additional folk appeared at the bbq following the walk, which was held on a very warm suntrap of a patio. The attached photo’s show what most members of SWSW missed out on.

Shady Woods

Down in The Meadow
Lunch Under Way

The Sunny Patio

Heading For Home