Sunday, 5 February 2017

Headley Heath

22nd January 2017

The day dawned clear and cold. Despite a forecast for cloud and a chance of rain, we were very pleasantly relieved. 13 of us assembled in the pub car park plus our lively Staffie Skye, the discussion was not about what to wear but whether sunglasses would be necessary! Cutting through the adjacent church grounds, we then turned south towards Headley Heath. The going was actually very benign as the muddy bits had all frozen over.

Passing the Headley CC house en route, Helen stopped the group to announce that the cricket club did NOT have any famous members play for it! Heading further south we encountered two small ponds dedicated to encouraging amphibian life. The first pond is called Hopeful (Photo opportunity!) and the second pond is called, as expected, Brimmer?!!!

We moved on. Joe led the group to a lovely cottage in the woods, a slight wrong turn but quickly corrected! A minor two minute detour and we were all back on the right track. The path descended into a gully and as the group walked up out of it they saw a very old dam which may have been connected to the Canadian military base there in WW2.

We then followed a long straight path which led past Bellasis House (SOE WW2) and Ashurst house (now an outdoor activity centre).

Stopping for lunch, we enjoyed watching a number of robins watching us watching them! The descent to the bottom of Headley Heath from there was steep but at least dry! What goes down must go up! We joined the pathway as it led to the Steps! Many steps! A good workout for all! After a short rest, and taking in the lovely view  over to Box Hill, we meandered across the heath enjoying the bright clear sunshine. Eventually we left the official Heath boundary and crossing a couple of roads and paths we headed back gently uphill to the Cock Inn where 10 of us stayed for coffee, soup and some good Surrey ale.

Not a bad morning in the end! Many thanks to those who took the time and effort to join us.

Joe and Helen
The Group gathered by Hopeful Pond

Robin On The Fence

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